Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Check Yourself! Are You Really a Woman?

Whoooahhhhhh. That my friends is a bold title if I've ever written one lol.

Yeah, I said it. I also pondered meticulously about the fact that once you write such a bold title and publish it off into the abyss of cyber space, it pretty much becomes open to become a web crawlers feast.

And guess what... I'll not only say it, but I will instead pose it as a question:

Check Yourself! Are You Really a Woman?
What on earth does this mean? This means are you a woman to aspire to?

Jennifer Garner - Alias..yup.. "A Woman"

Modernity is now our appetite as a group. We have evolved so far left and right in many facets yet still remain fully linear over the concept of a "Nuclear Family". Really, huh, how?

Look both floors have such a shiny-varnish-like finish, the only difference is one is just a little more nude in hue.

The point of this all? It really comes down to stepping aside once in a while and doing an activity that will put you in an uncomfortable place within yourself but save your life and that is to CHECK YOURSELF.

What does CHECKING YOURSELF involve, can anyone do it? Well today is your lucky day dear prize winner beucase yes you, any of you women can do it.

Here is how, follow the lead of those that know that "No One", not a soul on this planet can ever tell you "You can't do it"!

Like who:
So ladies, especially young ladies, here is my most prized advice to you: 

"Follow you heart, follow your mind, follow your gut, and listen to that killer instinct that speaks to the very essence of who you are. Tame your inner weaknesses and tell them to "Eat My Shorts" ala Bart Simpson styles (but please do your hair or throw on a wig and some mascara while you're saying it lol).

This world is your stage to be the best yourself, not a version of it.



Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Facebook, Yay, Nay? Verdict? Gavel? Strong Fist on Table Top!


Firstly, I have to say that sometimes I miss this blog. I miss it because I have clearly defined my own set of rules by which the internet functions and I have chosen the "BLOG" as a ground for a more personal touch. Why? Does this make sense? Nope lol but it works for me.


 "Facebooks Face, is it sooo Pretty or Surgically Altered?" ->Which would be soooo Kardashian 

I signed up for Facebook for the first time in February 2013. I actually had to get one of my buddies to help me set it up not because I didn't understand the technology but because I couldn't bring myself to do it lol.

When he pressed that gleaming, shining, Vegas style "Submit" I felt a hint of anxiosness ala George Costanza styles. There I was, a new Facebook member ready to face the next wave of whatever automation the internet was going to throw my way! A gleaming shield I had ready to face that vat of water balloons being torpedoed my way.

I was wrong.

It was a tank of water balloons, a fleet of tanks.

Now... I don't dislike it, nor do I like it, I am quite frankly unsure still.
 For the rest of this post it would be much better if you just pretended I am "Data" from TNG just throwing out observations your way in warp speed.

Facebook The Good:
  • What I have friends lol? And I started using the term "lol".
  • Music Promotion: Yup they weren't kidding when they said it's best and easiest through Facebook
  • Finding people that validate that half of your memories of childhood were indeed with actual sentient kids as opposed to imaginary friends (yeeesssh that one almost scared me before Facebook lol)
  • Easy as all heck to message your friends and organize an event, AMEN! I thought it was impossible to organize our generation but it just turned out that calling and leaving 100 voicemails was not the way to do it haha).

Facebook The Bad:
  • It is completely voyeuristic and psychotic
  • It makes people feel socially anxious (including myself which is why I avoided it in the first place)
  • You end up having online faceless banter with people that you quite frankly don't know

Facebook The Ugly but Strangely Attractive: 
  • It's useful but addictive, meet lovely people, meet crazy people, a smorgasbord of personalities, a hyper-colorful version of reality, no verdict yet.
In the meantime go check out my Facebook Page: Sarah Shafey Music HARDY, HAR, HAR!


  Sarah Shafey

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Awssomeeeeeeeee Review in Whoa Music Magazine!

Ok, so I used my Facebook to post about my many thanks to Whoa Magazine for their lovely review which you can check out here:

Go check out the full magazine at: Whoa Magazine Fall 2013 (my shout out on page 37).

I also wanted to use this platform (Blogs) as more of a personal thank you to Travis Dutton who really was just a nice guy. He asked good questions and was able to turn that around into a review that is written very well. Always nice to meet talent in whatever field. :)

Ok I am tired now, I am going to avert my eyes from a bright screen and stare at a matte wall for the next 5 hours straight.


Sarah Shafey

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Playing Thursday, September 26 @ The Central in Toronto

Hello Party Animals!

I really, super, duper, trooper hope to see out at at my next show with my band: 

Also playing are more awesome bands before and after my set:

Mike Celia: Facebook
Ready The Prince: Facebook

I also want to say thank you a million times over to amazing Toronto music photographer "Jess Baumung" who took a million amazing pics of the band and I. Check out more of his quite amazing pics at: Jess Baumung Photography.

Can't wait to see you there!


Sarah Shafey

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Scammers Out There! Artists Beware!

This is my official and cordial invitation to all you gross and disgusting phishing/scammer companies out there that feed off of poor young musicians dreams: "PLEASE BUGGER OFF"!

Now that the internet is a global organism of sorts, it makes it much easier for these crooks to get away with these acts. 

Artists, Musicians, My Compadres! If anyone ever contacts you through email or sonicbids or myspace or facebook telling you they are going to make you a "Famous, cool, star" but all you have to do is  give them an upfront fee of $$$; run away for your life in the other direction.

Prominent companies that are truly interested in representing you as an artist are generally commission based.

Do your due diligence and research the same internet for reviews and for references, and never, ever, give your money or bank or credit card information to these people who have no lives and feed with venom.

The music business is running rampant with these vermin (now more than ever).

Hello to you Vermin, you are running up the wrong alley with me, stop contacting me, I am not interested in becoming "COOL, AND FAMOUS", I am in the music game because I like making music, period end of story. Oh and get a job!


Sarah Shafey

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Great Live Pics and Great Blueberries in my Fridge

I'll start first with the Blueberries business. I got a batch of blueberries today and they were hiding in the guise of just normal Blueberries. No sirebob, these were the best darn tasting Blueberries I have had in a long time; pretty much like finding Willy Wonka's ticket...I won!

On to other things lol, Check out these amazing pics that photographer Andrew Sztein took at our Sneaky Dee's show.

I think my band of boys is soooooooooooooo coool. Look at them they look like they are from the movies lol + I love them.

"Sarah Shafey and the Avocado Slices"
Scott Bouwmeester, Patrick Grant, Graeme Gerussi, Mike Celia

For more pics and great photography check out: Andrew Sztein Photography

Until next time,


Sarah Shafey

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sarah Shafey Live @ Sneaky Dee's July 4th, 2013

Hey all, this is the first time I have ever written a Blog Title from the third person perspective. Reading it back, it now sounds quite odd.


Whew it's been some time I tell ya! I blame in on good weather I do, the sun comes out and I go out frolicking around this fine city Toronto.

I want to share with you that I shall be sprinkling some fairy dust upon your lovely heads and playing a live show with my amazing band "Sarah Shafey and the Avocado Slices" (Pat Grant, Mike Celia, Scott Bouwmeester, Graeme Gerussi) at Sneaky Dee's on July 4th, 2013.

I will be on at 11:00pm.

Check the Facebook Event Page brought to you by awesome "Big Things Productions".

Come on out for some great music and great times.

Ah yes and don't forget you can grab my album now through itunes at: Sarah Shafey Album "Maverick"

I now generally as a rule of thumb have approximately 100 links in my blog posts hahah. I want you to open all of them at the same time on your smart phone and try to navigate them all with your eyes closed and just your heart.

Hope to see you out!


Sarah Shafey

Monday, June 3, 2013

Album "Maverick" Available Online

Hello all :).

Just filling you in on some great news!

My album "Maverick" is now available on itunes for your audio pleasure.

Go on over and have a gander.

Sarah Shafey

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Next Show - Live @ Comedy Bar as Musical Guest

This one I am super excited about. Oh yes and how rude of me, hello to you all and how do you do?

I am playing 3 songs on Sunday, May 26th @ Toronto's very Halarious

945 Bloor Street West (Near Ossington station (Delaware Exit))
Time: 9pm sharp

The sketch show "Sunday Night Live" is going to be amazing brought to you by Toronto's very funny"Sketchersons". The reason I am so excited about this one is because I used to sing in their house band and not only am I going to play 3 songs from my new album "Maverick" I am going to sing in the house band for the night too "GOOD OLD TIMES ABOUND".

Oddly enough off the record, 3/4 of the house band lads are my band. I just missed them so much that I begged them than transported them to my own musical realm via laser beam travel lol.

Ok yes that last sentence just entered the realm of super nerd talk, AHEM...back to the matter at hand.



Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sound City is Related to the Health of Your Heart!

Ok so if you haven't already watched the documentary "Sound City", which is the lovely and talented Dave Grohl's directorial debut, than you just need to get on that already!

Man it is good, and I have already watched it three times. If you love music for music and not for the horrible pop-tronic fest that it has become as of late than this is for you. You get the cream of the crop when it comes to rock musicians talking from their hearts and such an amazing story of a genius sound board to go with it all.

I would quickly, quickly go to the website  at Sound City Website where you can purchase to stream. I bought it on dvd because I want to share this gem with whatever future generations may exist. Ideally I would like to lock it in a time capsule and bury it in front of City Hall under a cemented  tile titled "This Is Good For You".

All of the musicians are amazing but what I will say as a highlight is that after watching this movie there can be absolutely no debate regarding how much of a "Bad Mama Jamma" that Paul Mccartney still is. The Beatles were that famous for a reason and you can still hear it in his playing and singing.

I now vow to one day record on that soundboard, by golly I will figure out a way to do it :).


Friday, April 12, 2013

Paranoia - Music Video & Super Album Review

Well folks some super things have been happening over the last while and yes I am going to share.

Firstly please come and join me to watch my fun music video for my single "Paranoia" from my upcoming album Maverick.

What a hoot!

Secondly check out this just amazing review of my album Maverick by online music magazine "Canada In Tune" magazine. They wrote amazing things about my album and I enjoyed the way their writers approached the whole thing. Thanks guys!

Check out the Review:


Monday, March 11, 2013

Women of Substance Radio Feature

That's such a great title to a blog and one that I am proud of.

Tuesday, March 12th tune into this amazing radio station called "Women of Substance". They will be featuring my song "Swim" on their show What's on my Ipod.

You can listen at 5pm ET and 2pm PT and guess what there are so many options as to where to go to listen so there is no excuse folks :).

Here's where you can listen:
www.live365.com/stations/breenoble (to listen and vote)
Also available on iTunes Radio under the Adult Contemporary Category

It's things like this that remind me what I am doing amidst this chaos and that is be a "Woman of Substance" in the music industry and in life in general.

They play great music so save them into your favorites, I already have and listen all the time.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

$6,600 to get SIN?

That's the title of the yahoo news article I just read.

Mmhhhh??? Must read further.


"Imagine having to pay thousands of dollars just to get a card with your social insurance number.That's what some northerners say will be the result of recent federal changes to the application process.Ottawa recently altered the rules for first-time card applicants so that they can no longer apply for the card by mail.
Everyone has to show up in person at a Service Canada office, but only three of Nunavut's 28 communities have such offices. That means people in Grise (GREEZ) Fiord must travel to Iqaluit to get the card — a $6,600 airfare and a week's journey."

That cannot be right but alas sometimes the dollars are flying around in the background so fast that the FLASH himself would be in a tizzy! Not sure what went wrong with the paperwork behind this new application process but Canada is a whole remember?

Aww look how colorful our map is it's pretty!

Just because people are further north doesn't mean they aren't...umm...Canadian?  Go give them offices to process this or write an addendum into your policies that deals adequately with this situation, and hurry up,  it's embarrassing.


Sarah Shafey SIN#XXX XXX XXX

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Only True Constant in Life

Daniel Day-Lewis

I remember as a young child I had snuck downstairs past my bedtime because I saw preview on T.V. for a movie called "In the Name of the Father". I was glued to the screen for those 3 hours or so and I knew that I had witnessed a kind of true form of acting in it's finest form.

After that I have pretty much followed the man's career, granted "The Ballad of Jack and Rose" was severely strange, he really does embody these characters in the eyes like few in Hollywood can.

I highly recommend everyone goes to see "Lincoln" in the theatre before it leaves as it really feels like you are watching the president in action. Mr. Day does such a great job of commanding the kind of respect that Lincoln is historically known for with the quiet natured but firm grace that was oft left out the textbooks.

I hope this movie wins every Oscar in the Oscar bucket.

Daniel Day "what a guy"!

Sarah Shafey

Friday, February 15, 2013

Reneby Interview and a Fun Contest

Sometimes you get interviews where the questions are a question? But not this one, no siree bob mgeee. Great interview questions and great time.

Check out the interview that I did recently with "Reneby", a fantasmo online magazine dedicated to all things good in entertainment.

Sarah Shafey - Reneby Interview

You can also check them out on Twitter at Reneby Twitter.

Also best part ladies and gentlemen I saved for now. I just felt like being a little cheeky like that :).

Enter a contest at the bottom of the interview for a

FREE COPY of my Digital Album when released in May, 2013.

Comes with some goodies inside like stickers, buttons and a whole lotta love.

Thank you to all five of you out there for reading my post lol :), you mean the world to me. I joke, I joke.


Huh William Shatner?? What are you doing in the place of my picture gettttouutttaaa here!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Face on Facebook!

So it's become heavily apparent that Facebook is an inevitability that I must give in to.

Yes, yes indeed! Believe it I tell you I have never had Facebook. People are always flabbergasted when I mention this but for some reason it just never happened and life just went by no problemo.

Why now you ask? Well let me share with you this lol. I have had a few interviews lately for music related stuff where people ask me to "Like Them" on Facebook and I am always like "Yeah No Problem"; meanwhile having not the slighted clue on earth what the heck that means lol.

Now let me fill you in on another secret. It has nothing to do with a fear of technology, I embrace technology I am a computer nerd who works in the Software field and reads Popular Science on a regular. I think it has more to do with the fact that it just quite frankly never happened, I have no other reason.

So get ready folks, I have been FACEBOOKIZED!!! Its on par with getting shot with laser beams of 0's and 1's directly into your mind.

Within the next few days will come an artist Facebook page for me to Facebook with your Faces inside of the book domain that is titled FACEBOOK. Stay tuned!

Love and laughs galore over this subject matter,

xoxo Shafey

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Noooooooo silly's I am not pretending to be Mr. Joey Lawrence,

I am talking about:

Who are they you ask? Whoa Magazine is a super duper example of a good mag! They are a quarterly print and digital magazine and they are cool! Their magazine covers are beautiful firstly, and firstly again, (ya so what if I have two firstlys),  they have awesome articles about "News", "Music", "Art", and "Culture".

Now I believe you should check out their website at WHOA Magazine and super importantly check out next week on Thursday, Jan 24th in the a.m. (EST) a live radio interview I will be doing at their fun online station found at: WHOA Radio .

We'll be chatting about my album and good times to come!!!! HEY...EHHHH....OIII. Ahh-hemm sorry just remembered that you should go check em out on Facebook with a capital 'F' at WHOA Magazine Facebook.

Hope to have your ears tuned in and keep on standby because the music video for my single "Paranoia" is almost done and it looks fantasmo!!!!

Otherwise guys and gals as usual, I bid you adieu and make sure you watch Fringe because it is good for your brain molecules!


 xoxo Sarah Shafey

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Good Things and Californication

Hey all how are you doing?

You know it just occurred to me that I am most likely writing my blogs to myself, some web crawlers (actual technical term look it up) and one person in Maine!

But ces't la vie that sounds like a good group to moi!

Vents Magazine

Just wanted to let you know of a a music interview about my upcoming album "Maverick" that is posted that I did with on online music mag "Vents Magazine".

You can check it out here: Vents Magazine - Interview

Now, down to serious business here, The business of "Californication". Just wrapping up the last season and Hank is up to no good again that handsome devil. From Fox Mulder to Hank Moody no problemo pour moi!

Anyhow if you want a silly watch with no brain use in the best of ways check out the last season.

Otherwise I hope you guys are great out there and keep checking into: sarahshafey.com and Twitter @SarahShafey

Yes a million links in one blog but I have one more for you up my sleeve... cue magicians lovely assistant and snare drum roll please.... Free downloads of two of my tracks here at: cbc - sarah shafey

You folks are good people!

Sarah Shafey