Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Check Yourself! Are You Really a Woman?

Whoooahhhhhh. That my friends is a bold title if I've ever written one lol.

Yeah, I said it. I also pondered meticulously about the fact that once you write such a bold title and publish it off into the abyss of cyber space, it pretty much becomes open to become a web crawlers feast.

And guess what... I'll not only say it, but I will instead pose it as a question:

Check Yourself! Are You Really a Woman?
What on earth does this mean? This means are you a woman to aspire to?

Jennifer Garner - Alias..yup.. "A Woman"

Modernity is now our appetite as a group. We have evolved so far left and right in many facets yet still remain fully linear over the concept of a "Nuclear Family". Really, huh, how?

Look both floors have such a shiny-varnish-like finish, the only difference is one is just a little more nude in hue.

The point of this all? It really comes down to stepping aside once in a while and doing an activity that will put you in an uncomfortable place within yourself but save your life and that is to CHECK YOURSELF.

What does CHECKING YOURSELF involve, can anyone do it? Well today is your lucky day dear prize winner beucase yes you, any of you women can do it.

Here is how, follow the lead of those that know that "No One", not a soul on this planet can ever tell you "You can't do it"!

Like who:
So ladies, especially young ladies, here is my most prized advice to you: 

"Follow you heart, follow your mind, follow your gut, and listen to that killer instinct that speaks to the very essence of who you are. Tame your inner weaknesses and tell them to "Eat My Shorts" ala Bart Simpson styles (but please do your hair or throw on a wig and some mascara while you're saying it lol).

This world is your stage to be the best yourself, not a version of it.



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