Sunday, June 19, 2011

The World's Slowest Blogger Award Goes To...

... I won! I won the prize. I am hoping the prize is a pair of tickets to go see the Chicago Bulls when it was Pippen, Jordan, and Rodman. Michael J. and I would hitch a ride there with Doc. This sounds like an adventure worthy of perhaps another sequel in the Series. Which series you ask, the movies or the game? Mmmm open ended that's how I'll leave this. Yesss I think I think I shall.

I hope you have a great fathers day. Happy Fathers day Dad.  Let's go eat some steak and potatoes while watching Back to the Future the next sequel , while watching a game on the other T.V. Rodman will pass the ball to Pippen who will then proceed to Alley-Oop the ball into the air to Jordan, then J-Dawg will slam dunk and shatter the glass.