Sunday, April 22, 2012


Happy Earth Day folks!

Only within the last few years have I begun to actually pay attention to the little things. The concept of changing various areas of my life initially seemed liked an infringement on what became a comfortable routine. Once I delved in though, I decided to never look back. You see, this wonderful planet that we live on is quite literally being harvested, abused, and drained like she will run forever.

Instead of a preach-fest how about just one little teeny-tiny thing to start with that won't only help this lovely earth but it'll save you money (good incentive in my books).

Instead of spending a dollar, two dollars, three dollars everyday on plastic H2O bottles  go and buy one of these little guys.

You only need to change the filter once every two months and you can filler up any where you go, all you need is a tap. SHRIEK "TAP WATER", I bet is what some of you are thinking, but our tap water goes through an intensive filtration system in Ontario. We are lucky to have some of the cleanest tap water in the world so why waste it?Plastic bottled water ends up containing more yucky bacterial organisms anyway so it sounds like a win-win from my perspective.

One thing at a time is my philosophy so go out spend that $9.99 proudly and don't forget to smile because yes YOU are helping to save this earth!