Monday, March 11, 2013

Women of Substance Radio Feature

That's such a great title to a blog and one that I am proud of.

Tuesday, March 12th tune into this amazing radio station called "Women of Substance". They will be featuring my song "Swim" on their show What's on my Ipod.

You can listen at 5pm ET and 2pm PT and guess what there are so many options as to where to go to listen so there is no excuse folks :).

Here's where you can listen: (to listen and vote)
Also available on iTunes Radio under the Adult Contemporary Category

It's things like this that remind me what I am doing amidst this chaos and that is be a "Woman of Substance" in the music industry and in life in general.

They play great music so save them into your favorites, I already have and listen all the time.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

$6,600 to get SIN?

That's the title of the yahoo news article I just read.

Mmhhhh??? Must read further.


"Imagine having to pay thousands of dollars just to get a card with your social insurance number.That's what some northerners say will be the result of recent federal changes to the application process.Ottawa recently altered the rules for first-time card applicants so that they can no longer apply for the card by mail.
Everyone has to show up in person at a Service Canada office, but only three of Nunavut's 28 communities have such offices. That means people in Grise (GREEZ) Fiord must travel to Iqaluit to get the card — a $6,600 airfare and a week's journey."

That cannot be right but alas sometimes the dollars are flying around in the background so fast that the FLASH himself would be in a tizzy! Not sure what went wrong with the paperwork behind this new application process but Canada is a whole remember?

Aww look how colorful our map is it's pretty!

Just because people are further north doesn't mean they aren't...umm...Canadian?  Go give them offices to process this or write an addendum into your policies that deals adequately with this situation, and hurry up,  it's embarrassing.


Sarah Shafey SIN#XXX XXX XXX