Thursday, September 27, 2012

There Will Never be Another Dynamic Duo Like...

That's right!
Fox Mulder and Dana Scully
Even their names sound cool :). When I was young and strange (eventually growing into older and strange lol), my mother and I used to wait with anticipation for the next Paranormal adventure into another X-File.
What's next, who's crazy, who's alien, who's robot, when are Dana and Foxy Fox going to finally kiss?
I have rediscovered this all over again through Netflix. Though, I must say I did cheat by starting at season three; the characters were more established and comfortable in their roles as activists for the mighty and bizarre.
It reminded me all over again what a straight shooter and smarty pants Dr. Dana Scully was. Now there is a female role for the youngin's to aspire to. She was quick witted, bad to the bone, could sport a lady-like pencil skirt, all whilst throwing down both physically and intellectually.
And Fox? Wowee zowweey!
Now the greatest part of this blast from the past is seeing all of these young up-and-coming actors having a cameo in random episodes. None had any clue of what their futures had in store: Jack Black and Giovanni Ribisi side by side as punk kids? Where else!
Go fourth and rediscover your inner believer, it's nerd fun at its highest potential.
Dum-da-da-da-de-dumm (that's my best attempt at typing out the theme song).

Have a lovey Night or Day!