Friday, February 15, 2013

Reneby Interview and a Fun Contest

Sometimes you get interviews where the questions are a question? But not this one, no siree bob mgeee. Great interview questions and great time.

Check out the interview that I did recently with "Reneby", a fantasmo online magazine dedicated to all things good in entertainment.

Sarah Shafey - Reneby Interview

You can also check them out on Twitter at Reneby Twitter.

Also best part ladies and gentlemen I saved for now. I just felt like being a little cheeky like that :).

Enter a contest at the bottom of the interview for a

FREE COPY of my Digital Album when released in May, 2013.

Comes with some goodies inside like stickers, buttons and a whole lotta love.

Thank you to all five of you out there for reading my post lol :), you mean the world to me. I joke, I joke.


Huh William Shatner?? What are you doing in the place of my picture gettttouutttaaa here!


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