Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Only True Constant in Life

Daniel Day-Lewis

I remember as a young child I had snuck downstairs past my bedtime because I saw preview on T.V. for a movie called "In the Name of the Father". I was glued to the screen for those 3 hours or so and I knew that I had witnessed a kind of true form of acting in it's finest form.

After that I have pretty much followed the man's career, granted "The Ballad of Jack and Rose" was severely strange, he really does embody these characters in the eyes like few in Hollywood can.

I highly recommend everyone goes to see "Lincoln" in the theatre before it leaves as it really feels like you are watching the president in action. Mr. Day does such a great job of commanding the kind of respect that Lincoln is historically known for with the quiet natured but firm grace that was oft left out the textbooks.

I hope this movie wins every Oscar in the Oscar bucket.

Daniel Day "what a guy"!

Sarah Shafey

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