Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Facebook, Yay, Nay? Verdict? Gavel? Strong Fist on Table Top!


Firstly, I have to say that sometimes I miss this blog. I miss it because I have clearly defined my own set of rules by which the internet functions and I have chosen the "BLOG" as a ground for a more personal touch. Why? Does this make sense? Nope lol but it works for me.


 "Facebooks Face, is it sooo Pretty or Surgically Altered?" ->Which would be soooo Kardashian 

I signed up for Facebook for the first time in February 2013. I actually had to get one of my buddies to help me set it up not because I didn't understand the technology but because I couldn't bring myself to do it lol.

When he pressed that gleaming, shining, Vegas style "Submit" I felt a hint of anxiosness ala George Costanza styles. There I was, a new Facebook member ready to face the next wave of whatever automation the internet was going to throw my way! A gleaming shield I had ready to face that vat of water balloons being torpedoed my way.

I was wrong.

It was a tank of water balloons, a fleet of tanks.

Now... I don't dislike it, nor do I like it, I am quite frankly unsure still.
 For the rest of this post it would be much better if you just pretended I am "Data" from TNG just throwing out observations your way in warp speed.

Facebook The Good:
  • What I have friends lol? And I started using the term "lol".
  • Music Promotion: Yup they weren't kidding when they said it's best and easiest through Facebook
  • Finding people that validate that half of your memories of childhood were indeed with actual sentient kids as opposed to imaginary friends (yeeesssh that one almost scared me before Facebook lol)
  • Easy as all heck to message your friends and organize an event, AMEN! I thought it was impossible to organize our generation but it just turned out that calling and leaving 100 voicemails was not the way to do it haha).

Facebook The Bad:
  • It is completely voyeuristic and psychotic
  • It makes people feel socially anxious (including myself which is why I avoided it in the first place)
  • You end up having online faceless banter with people that you quite frankly don't know

Facebook The Ugly but Strangely Attractive: 
  • It's useful but addictive, meet lovely people, meet crazy people, a smorgasbord of personalities, a hyper-colorful version of reality, no verdict yet.
In the meantime go check out my Facebook Page: Sarah Shafey Music HARDY, HAR, HAR!


  Sarah Shafey

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