Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sound City is Related to the Health of Your Heart!

Ok so if you haven't already watched the documentary "Sound City", which is the lovely and talented Dave Grohl's directorial debut, than you just need to get on that already!

Man it is good, and I have already watched it three times. If you love music for music and not for the horrible pop-tronic fest that it has become as of late than this is for you. You get the cream of the crop when it comes to rock musicians talking from their hearts and such an amazing story of a genius sound board to go with it all.

I would quickly, quickly go to the website  at Sound City Website where you can purchase to stream. I bought it on dvd because I want to share this gem with whatever future generations may exist. Ideally I would like to lock it in a time capsule and bury it in front of City Hall under a cemented  tile titled "This Is Good For You".

All of the musicians are amazing but what I will say as a highlight is that after watching this movie there can be absolutely no debate regarding how much of a "Bad Mama Jamma" that Paul Mccartney still is. The Beatles were that famous for a reason and you can still hear it in his playing and singing.

I now vow to one day record on that soundboard, by golly I will figure out a way to do it :).


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