Saturday, January 19, 2013


Noooooooo silly's I am not pretending to be Mr. Joey Lawrence,

I am talking about:

Who are they you ask? Whoa Magazine is a super duper example of a good mag! They are a quarterly print and digital magazine and they are cool! Their magazine covers are beautiful firstly, and firstly again, (ya so what if I have two firstlys),  they have awesome articles about "News", "Music", "Art", and "Culture".

Now I believe you should check out their website at WHOA Magazine and super importantly check out next week on Thursday, Jan 24th in the a.m. (EST) a live radio interview I will be doing at their fun online station found at: WHOA Radio .

We'll be chatting about my album and good times to come!!!! HEY...EHHHH....OIII. Ahh-hemm sorry just remembered that you should go check em out on Facebook with a capital 'F' at WHOA Magazine Facebook.

Hope to have your ears tuned in and keep on standby because the music video for my single "Paranoia" is almost done and it looks fantasmo!!!!

Otherwise guys and gals as usual, I bid you adieu and make sure you watch Fringe because it is good for your brain molecules!


 xoxo Sarah Shafey

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