Thursday, July 18, 2013

Great Live Pics and Great Blueberries in my Fridge

I'll start first with the Blueberries business. I got a batch of blueberries today and they were hiding in the guise of just normal Blueberries. No sirebob, these were the best darn tasting Blueberries I have had in a long time; pretty much like finding Willy Wonka's ticket...I won!

On to other things lol, Check out these amazing pics that photographer Andrew Sztein took at our Sneaky Dee's show.

I think my band of boys is soooooooooooooo coool. Look at them they look like they are from the movies lol + I love them.

"Sarah Shafey and the Avocado Slices"
Scott Bouwmeester, Patrick Grant, Graeme Gerussi, Mike Celia

For more pics and great photography check out: Andrew Sztein Photography

Until next time,


Sarah Shafey

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