Thursday, August 15, 2013

Scammers Out There! Artists Beware!

This is my official and cordial invitation to all you gross and disgusting phishing/scammer companies out there that feed off of poor young musicians dreams: "PLEASE BUGGER OFF"!

Now that the internet is a global organism of sorts, it makes it much easier for these crooks to get away with these acts. 

Artists, Musicians, My Compadres! If anyone ever contacts you through email or sonicbids or myspace or facebook telling you they are going to make you a "Famous, cool, star" but all you have to do is  give them an upfront fee of $$$; run away for your life in the other direction.

Prominent companies that are truly interested in representing you as an artist are generally commission based.

Do your due diligence and research the same internet for reviews and for references, and never, ever, give your money or bank or credit card information to these people who have no lives and feed with venom.

The music business is running rampant with these vermin (now more than ever).

Hello to you Vermin, you are running up the wrong alley with me, stop contacting me, I am not interested in becoming "COOL, AND FAMOUS", I am in the music game because I like making music, period end of story. Oh and get a job!


Sarah Shafey

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