Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scott Wolf-Love and V!

You think to yourself, hmmmm why the heck did I ever love Scott Wolf so much when I was 14. Forget about that guy he's gone like a bad ex-boyfriend. That fool left you when you were just leaving pre-teen nightmares and getting aboard the train of woman hood; albeit a very slow train ride. Then you rent a science fiction show called V and all those feelings of undying love and devotion come A-RUSHIIINNNGGGGG BACK! WHAAMMOOO! SCOTT WOLF!

He adorned my walls alongside Devon Sawa and Elijah Wood. My parents must have thought I was nuts for spending hours taking their pictures out of Bop and Tiger Beat Magazines and dancing the meringue with them all, my triage of love.

Ahhhhh... getting back to the show now, V is awesome and you know how I know how? It's because the first episode hooks you and that my friends is called good bad writing.

The End


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