Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MySpace and Etiquette

Lately I have come across many musicians pages on MySpace who boldly claim in generally large, capital font that MYSPACE IS DEAD. I understand that the site has lost it's luster and tact but to so boldly throw a statement like that out there is an insult to the programmers who spent probably hours of their time working to create something that is unique. Unique it was for a long time and new sites probably grew out of the code that was used to create MySpace. Think of it as a parent.

I wanted to throw that out there beucase to me to post something like that on their site is like going into your music studio and telling you that your MUSIC IS DEAD.

On that note, more politely put, MySpace you have gotten a wee bit carried away there is way too much going on in the site its confusing to people. That's not going to get you far. Settle down.


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