Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sliders and Roswell

What do they have in common? Well sorry to say not a whole lot except for the fact that the Space Channel most likely has them running back to back. Other than that I'll tell you how they are both deserved of being in the same title.

First it starts with a netflix adventure into another dimension of Sliders. Jerry O'Connell turning into a man before your eyes, The Crying Man always getting down, Wade making the slides more girly, and the professor keeping it real.

Then the unthinkable happens after night after night after night of Sliders fanboy dedication; they start killing off the beloved main characters and replacing them with Hollywood bozo's. That was it, the second this terrible actress came on to replace the professor I swore Sliders right out of the window from that point on.

A few days ensued of confusion and heartbreak not knowing how I could go on without a new adventure into another dimension than.... Roswell.

Ahhhhhhhhh, safe for the time being, I said to myself. Roswell is like Dawson's Creek and Predator vs. Aliens combined. What an odd combo of strange acting and a lot of deep longing stares. Either way I'm safe in my world of Sci Fi until they replace the Rosewell cast like they did Sliders.

Yeah I'll admit it, I love Sci-Fi so what?


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