Monday, February 20, 2012

Veterans Affairs Canada - Skimping on Benefits?

"The Canada First Defense Strategy provides the resources needed to expand the Forces to 70,000 Regular Force and 30,000 Reserve Force personnel. This will give the Canadian Forces a total strength of 100,000 to achieve the Government's defense objectives in Canada, on the continent and internationally, as well as positioning them for future growth".

That's right, 100 000 potential people who could find themselves in a situation where they are injured on the job in the name of their country. And how does the current system treat the injured veterans who apply for disability benefits? Many of them are treated like a number and sent a vague denial letter without a reason, a cast-aside if you will.

Seriously Canada? You will spend millions of dollars to train and deploy these husbands, brothers, wives, mothers and send them into a raging battle field of rockets and warfare but when they ask for your help in return, you round house kick them in the back of the head? That is not the Canada I grew up in, and that is not the Canada I want to raise my children in.

If you are going to skimp anywhere in life, let it not be in the area of Veterans Benefits, that is just embarrassing. Why don't we ask "The Honorable" Steven Blaney what he thinks the honorable thing to do is here.


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