Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gaggle of Mini Me's?


Yes, yikes, I said it! Sometimes there are moments when you sit back and an apple falls on your head but it's a yucky rotten one. The internet has really morphed over the past few years. Not a bad thing or a good thing just interesting to see how it has taken pop culture and spread it like butter over the world.

Yikes to this strangezoid photo of Katy Perry and what the title of the article deemed as a "Gaggle" of her mini mes. Don't get me wrong I rather like Katy Perry and I find her to be a hard worker but the little girls in the photo are super odd. The picture definitely gets into the zone of strange and creepy.

The outfits on little girls do not need to happen, especially the little one on the left with the cupcakes.

Hey parents of cupcake girl... NO!


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