Saturday, August 20, 2011

Long Time No Speak

Since my last blog I have been playing a genuine game of "Let's See Who Doesn't Speak For the Longest".  That game was a family favourite during our childhood van rides to Atlantic City and Cape Cod:

Arabs in Cape Cod?

I always lost as a child because of my enthusiasm for asking if we had arrived at the destination yet. My timing was slightly askew as a child but alas, I have fine tuned and now I practice the art of silence as if a shaolin monk.

You know Batman had to do something along those lines before he really became a superhero... just saying.

Every time the show Weeds has come out on DVD, I wait months before I rent it. I do this because I know that I have to be prepared for a whirlwind of ADD induced bad choices and croquet mallets. The most recent season is just all over the map yet I am trapped by it's heightened sense of urgency. It is so stupid that it is great. I highly recommend this show to anyone who want's to turn of the neuron tap of firing synaptic clefts.

Good Night!

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